Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ice Skater Card Tutorial

Happy Wednesday, everyone and thanks for stopping by! I finally have the tutorial ready for the ice skater card I made for Day 1 of the Christmas in July Blog Hop this past weekend. Thank you so much for the response to the card! It is actually a lot easier to make than it looks :)

  1. One sheet of cardstock (the thicker the better)
  2. Decorative paper
  3. Scoreboard
  4. Bone folder
  5. Paper cutter
  6. Wire – around 12 gauge
  7. Winter Woodland cart (or whatever you want to use to decorate card)
  8. X-acto knife
  9. Circle punch
  10. Button
  11. Twine
  12. Terrifically tacky tape
  13. Glue/tape
  14. Foam dots 

    1. Cut the cardstock in half, so you will have a sheet measuring 6" x 12"
    2. Score the cardstock at:
            a. 1.5"
            b. 3"
            c. 5"
            d. 7"
            e. 9.5"
    3. Fold the cardstock mountain fold at 1.5", valley at 3", mountain at 5", valley
        at 7" and mountain at 9.5". This will form the base of the step card.
    4. Cut decorative paper (I used My Mind's Eye O Christmas Tree stack) into
        strips of:
            a. 1.5" x 6"
            b. 2" x 6"
            c. 2.5" x 6"
    5. Adhere the strips to the front of the step card. You could also cover the
        inside or just use one decorative piece of paper for the step card, but I
        found this to be a bit sturdier, especially with all the cuts I added to it.
    6. Flip the card over, and on the bottom of the first 1 1/2" fold, draw a
        box that measures 1/4" wide, starting 1/2" from the bottom of the
        card and 1/2" from either side.
     7. Use your paper cutter or x-acto knife to cut out the box. I used the
        paper cutter because it cuts straight lines, just in case mine were a
        bit off. The width of this box is important. You want a small foam
        dot to move easily across the entire length of the box. It it doesn't
        flow smoothly, cut a slightly bigger box.
     8. With your cutter or x-acto, cut a slit directly into the fold above the
        box you just cut. You want it to be the same length as the box:
        1/2" from either side.
    9. When you flip the card back over, it should look like this:
    10. Cut the ice skater from Winter Woodlands at 4".
    11. Cut a piece of 12 gauge wire at 5 1/2 " and another piece about 2".
    12. Fold the 5 1/2" piece of wire in half and adhere to the back of the
          skater's straight leg. You can hide the wire behind the edge of her
          skate. I used Terrifically Tacky tape to adhere the wire because it
          has a strong bond. You could use another strong glue or even hot
          glue. Hot glue and I don't get along too well. I use when I have to,
          but no matter how careful I am, I always burn my fingers :P
    13. Attach the 2" piece of wire to her outstretched leg, to make it sturdy.
    14. Punch or cut a circle about the same size as the button you selected
          for the moving mechanism, and adhere it to the bottom wire. Again,
          I used Terrifically Tacky tape. You may need to slide the skater into
          the slit to see exactly where to attach the circle. You want the circle
          to line up with the 1/4" box we cut a bit earlier.
    15. Thread twine through the button.
    16. Punch or cut another circle and adhere it to the back of the button.
    17. Attach a small foam dot to the back of the button. I used Recollections
          Foam Adhesive Circles in assorted sizes and used the smallest one.
    18. Thread the skater through the slit in the paper.
    19. Remove backing of foam dot, and making sure the skater is level with
          the edge of the paper, bond the two circles together with the foam dot.
    20. Give it a test - slide the button and make sure she skates along the edge.
          If not, you can adjust the bond of the two circles pretty easily.
    21. I used a piece of sparkly blue paper and freehand cut the edge to make
          it look like she is skating across frozen water.
    22. Decorate the card as desired.
    I would love to show you how to animate the photo but that is a whole lesson in Photoshop and I really don't have time to open that can of worms! I used Photoshop Elements 9. If you've never used it, don't be intimidated. I have used it for a number of years, but I've never taken a class. I taught myself.

    I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! If you make a card from either this tutorial, or my interactive Owl card, please link it to Mr. Linky below. I'd love to come see it!


    Georgiana said...

    These instructions are absolutely wonderful. I have made step cards before, but I need to add the moving piece now.

    Carson's Creations

    TropicKrafts said...

    Very awesome creation!! That is so cool!! Thanks for showing us how to do it as well!! Such a beautiful card!!


    Eva said...

    wow...awesome card...I love everything about it...I have never made a stepcard before...thanks for the directions...I will be
    Eva :0)

    Sunshine HoneyBee said...

    Wonderful directions/instructions. I made a stair step card this wk, Horse Howdy Card, and will try this. I'll have to ask hubby for some of his 12 gauge wire and get that look & question as what am I using it for. My daughter is the expert on PhotoShop. I just had to buy her the version for teachers & students for her sophomore yr in college where she is studying Art Animation.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

    Dr Sonia S V said...

    Lisa though I have made slider cards the hidden mechanism in your card is a stroke of pure genius and so ingenious! I will surely try this tutorial but am so busy professionally now that I dont know if I will be able to make it soon enough for your link up.


    Karen said...

    omg this card is amazing! Your work boggles my mind you have the most creative ideas of anyone I know!

    Susan said...

    Hey Lisa!

    Thank you so much for posting the instructions on this card, I am so making this card closer to Christmas. Oh my gosh I have so much to do! I have two cards, a banner, a sign and party decorations to get done by this Saturday. So that being said...I'll let the "slap in the face" go for now! lol...between that and your comment about almost misspelling the word week on my blog, you had me cracking up! Well, I better get busy, you know I move like a turtle! Oh, congrats on more awards btw, that's awesome!

    Have a wonderful day my friend!


    Amy said...

    This is AWESOME! I love how it moves and you did a wonderful tutorial on how to make it- I am so doing this! You have the most clever ideas EVER! Thanks for sharing this! :)Amy

    Melissa said...

    OMG, this is absolutely great, I love it!

    Judy said...

    Thank you for providing the directions. You are an incredible card maker!

    Nita T. said...

    This is amazing!!! And since you've posted the tutorial I HAVE to try it. :) You are just so darn talented!


    CropaCabana said...

    Thanks for the tutorial! I just love this card and only hope I can come up with something as creative.

    I have been learning Photoshop on my own too and am now feeling challenged enough to make my own animated gif. I guess I'll first need to make something that moves to inspire me. Heh.

    Hugs, Patricia

    mamawcindy said...

    I don't know if I'm more amazed at how Pretty your Card is or how you got your picture to Move. Love It! Thanks for giving the step by step Instructions. :0)
    cindys-greencricut.blogspot dot com

    joydee1963 said...

    wow,I love this card!So beautiful,joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

    June Houck said...

    EEK! I never thought to put an ice skater on a slider card. You are so clever! This is fabulous project :)

    Sherrie K. said...

    Wonderful tutorial:) Thanks Lisa!!
    Sherrie K

    bonnie said...

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Love your sweet card...this is the cutest EVER! :)tfs! hugs x

    Linda said...

    Wow Lisa this is out of this world!!!! I have never seen anything like this!!!!!Wow now this is what I call a creation!!!!! You are one talented lady!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

    Great tutorial! I'll have to see if I can squeeze one of these in!

    Kim said...

    Oh Lisa, I just love your card!! I love the colors and of course the moving elements!!! VERY COOL:)

    S.Bayles said...

    What a wonderful card. I have all of these things even the cartidge. I will have to make one of these. Great Job and beautiful card.

    Linda B said...

    WOW, Lisa... AMAZING!!!!

    Erika Valdez said...

    WOW! This card is amazing! TFS!!

    Lots of Love,

    Creative Diva said...

    Hi Lisa! OMG! What an amazing card. I love that you made the directions easy to follow. I am now learning how to make step cards. I love the technique of how you made the Ice Skater move.


    Anonymous said...

    Lisa absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for the amazing tutorial. Hugs, Lori m

    Kimberly said...

    Fantastic card...photoshop eh? I just got it and i have to say i'm a little frustrated....i'm thinking of hiring someone local to help me...i want to make some digi paper and need a little guidance....great of these days i'm going to make a card like this..

    Maribel said...

    WOAH!! Genius!! Thank you for sharing this tutorial!

    In Love with a Bug said...

    Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration! Lisa - this card is truly one of a kind and so fun! The receiver of this is going to be blown away! I certainly am! :) Melanie

    Rez P. said...

    Hi Lisa,
    Sorry haven't visit you for a while. To make story short my lil DD hurt her arm but is doing a lil better now.Oh how I missed all of your beatiful creations.It always makes me smile :-).You always come up with such fabulous ideas. Thanks for the tutorial. Wish I could make one but need to take care my lil dd.
    Karezma Kreations

    Amy said...

    Wow your tutorials are amazing, detailed, and easy to follow! You made me feel like I could actually conquer something this beautiful! :)

    Karen H said...

    Thank you very, very much for this tutorial! I cannot wait to put this into practice just as soon as I can. In fact, if I get too impatient to make that one project I need Copic-mastery for, I may go this route instead. You are so inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to do this! :o)

    Hugs and blessings! :o)

    Daynene said...

    The card is just beautiful thank you for the editorial on it. May have to try this one out. TFS.

    Brenda said...

    Again you amaze me...seriously, how do you come up with this stuff? This is absolutely wonderful and I am glad you posted the tutorial...
    I will definitely try this, but I know it won't be as good as yours. Fabulous.
    I would be honored if you came to see my blog here

    scrappinC said...

    Lisa ~ Thank you so much for the wonderful instructions on how to make these cards. Your cards are absolutely the best. I am thinking that you should submit them to every craft magazine on the planet.
    Cindy Lou

    DIANA L. said...

    Super job excellent work and so elaborate. You rock.

    DIANA L.

    Maria Elena said...

    What a great tuto!!!! congratulations for this and for all award on your blog!
    Thanks for commenting in my blog ;)
    Have a great Thursday !
    ~Maria Elena~

    madebyKarla said...

    Oh my! I'd love to enter. Haven't had much mojo since I got back. let's see if I can get it going soon!

    madebyKarla said...

    Love both your cards! I think I'm going to try this one! I think I'll use a gingerbread person instead of a ballerina ;)

    MyCuriousCrafts said...

    Hi Lisa, I was waiting for this tutorial and I missed it, how does this happen? Thank you so very much for providing such a detailed tutorial on such a FABULOUS card. You ROCK! ~Shen

    Jayne said...

    Wow Lisa! This card is amazing.I love how you've made it a step and slider card.Beautiful colours.Superb animation too.You rock.
    Jayne x

    Mrs. Sassy Crafter (Fabi) said...

    what a gorgeous card!

    jo said...

    Wowww!!! Great card! That's amazing - thanks for sharing. I'm definitely going to have to give this a try! I'm a new follower!



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