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Spellbinders Purse Tutorial

Reprinted From Getting Cricky

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday!! I hope you are having a great week!! It's Lisa from A Mermaid's Crafts here today to share a tutorial with you on how to make a Spellbinder's purse!! I first saw this purse on the Spellbinders blog HERE and just loved it. I didn't have the same dies to make their version, so I had to alter it to fit what I had on hand. Once you understand the basics of the purse, it's easy to adjust the measurements to fit any die cuts that you have available.


- Spellbinders Grand Nestabilities Labels 23
- Spellbinders Grand Nestabilities Labels 4
- Spellbinders Nestabilities Labels 4
- Spellbinders Grand Calibur
- Paper
- Adhesive
- Flower Shoppe cartridge, or any decorative flower
- Large circle punch
- Crop-a-Dile or hole punch
- 20 gauge wire
- Beads
- Magnetic closure
- Ribbon
- K Andrew Designs stamps

1) Cut two sets of the largest three shapes from Grand Nestabilities Labels 23…this will be the base
2) Cut the largest three shapes from Grand Nestabilities Labels 4...this will be the top of the purse
3) Cut the largest three shapes from Nestabilities Labels 4...this will be the tag

4) Adhere the three layers together for the front and back panels

5) Cut at least 1/2" off the top of each base panel so you have a flat surface. I cut them down so that the sides are 5” each

6) Using a large circle punch, punch a little less than a half-circle on the front panel

7) Cut a piece of cardstock 10” x 8”
8) On the 10” side, score at 4 1/4" and 5 3/4"…you want a 1 1/2" section in the middle
9) On the 8” side, score at 1 1/2" and 6 1/2"
10) Fold along all of the score lines
11) Cut the center score lines on both sides

12) Fold into a box and adhere sides together

13) Adhere to the piece with the punched half-circle

14) Punch to match the base

15) Adhere back panel to box

16) On the top panel, score 3/4" inches from the center in each direction. The 1 1/2" will be the width of the purse...matching the width of the box we just created

17) Decide where you want the handles to go and punch a hole on either side of the middle section. I punched 1” from either side

18) Attach eyelets

19) Add a handle. I used 20 gauge wire and beads, but you could also use ribbon
20) For beaded handle: cut 1 foot strip of 20 gauge wire, string beads in a pattern you like, attach to purse. I used a bead on the inside and wrapped wire around it to hold it in place

21) Adhere top flap to purse using strong adhesive

22) Mark where other side of the magnetic snap will go so that it lines up with the one we added to the top flap and attach to base of purse

23) Time to decorate!!

24) Kristal's Fashionable Friends stamp set is perfect for this!! I used "You've got purse-onality" :)

25) Add a flower to cover the magnetic closure. I used Flower Shoppe and added blue rhinestones, but you could use any flower or even buttons and ribbon

And the finished purse!!

Here's another example using the same dies. I had a question from someone who didn't have Spellbinders, asking if the purse could be made with a Cricut and it definitely can!!

I created this purse with Elegant Edges. The construction is basically the same but the measurements are different. There are already so many pictures, I won't include them but here are the key measurements needed to make the purse using Elegant Edges. This one is taller because I wanted the bird cut-out included.

1) Cut two of the shadow at 8.25 x 6.75
2) Cut two of the shift at 8.25 x 6.05
3) Cut two of the shift at 7.60 x 5.60
4) Cut 1” off the top of each panel so you have a flat surface

TOP OF PURSE – Page 25
1) Cut the shadow at 9.75 x 6.25
2) Cut the shift at 9.75 x 5.80
3) Cut the shift at 9.00 x 5.20

TAG – Page 25
1) Cut the shadow at 3 x 1.73
2) Cut the shadow at 2.60 x 1.50
3) Cut the shadow at 2.20 x 1.27

1) Cut paper at 12 x 9.5
2) Score 12 side at 5.25 and 6.75
3) Score 9.5 side at 1.50 and 7

I hope you enjoyed the purse tutorial!! If you make one, please stop by my blog (indymermaid.blogspot.com) and let me know...I'd love to see it!! And please be sure to enter my one year blogaversary giveaway while you are there :)

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Samra Leshinski said...

WOOOOOOW!! I am so going to make something like this!!! I have Cricut, which I truly love by the way! I am going to make one in the near future and let you know. I know it is not going to be anything even closely as beautiful as yours, but I'll try...Also that Flower Shoppe flower is gorgeous...I don't seem to be able to use that cartridge to it's fullest, it does not come with good instructions and my flowers never come out as the ones in youtube videos... oh well


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