Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grrr, where are my posts???

I just noticed that my previous posts are not showing up on my blog, only one I posted this morning about Two Pink Peas giveaway. Can someone let me know if they can see any other posts on my blog? Thanks :)


  1. I only see this one. Your newer posts link is missing too.

  2. I only see the one other post too, but I went to older posts and there they were?!!
    I know blogger has been so frustrating lately, hang in there:)


  3. I had the tool bar go missing in blogger, so I couldn't post anything till late evening yesterday. Good luck finding your missing post

  4. Hi Lisa can't see any pictures and just this post but this morning I wasn't able to post any pictures must be a blogger problem day so sorry... :(

  5. If I click on your header - I see the Grrr post and the blog candy post.
    If I click on "older post" I see Santa card

  6. Yes,blogger is messed up....again....I have the same issue, only my posts from last night are showing up on my page. I see what everyone else above has said. Grrrrrr....bloggger!!

  7. I only see two, Lisa. So sorry for the problem you're having... hopefully it will square away.
    I dropped by to see if you are familiar with My Favorite Things... they have something new I thought you might like...
    Check this out, Lisa.


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