Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cricut-tastic Award!

I want to sincerely thank Heather at Paper Crafters Anonymous for awarding me the Cricut-tastic Award! I am so honored and appreciative! Please stop by Heather's blog so you can see her amazingly beautiful work! The rules of this award are:

Your Blog has been deemed Cricut-tastic!
Wear this Badge proudly on your Blog 
share it with friends! Since Cricut is 5 years old and they 
have an E2 out share this award with 10 people
that you think have Cricut-tastic Blogs!

You also have to tell 5 Cricut Related things about yourself:

1. I started out with the Personal Cricut and I wore that little machine out :P
2. I had absolutely no idea what all I could do with a Cricut until I purchased the instructional DVD from Above Rubies Studio
3. I really want the E2 but I've only had my Expression since Christmas, so I couldn't justify spending the money
4. I save most of the left-over scraps when I cut an image and I have no idea why...don't know what I'll ever use them for!
5. I try to buy a new cart or two each month

I have a hard time narrowing who to send awards to when everyone is so deserving. The ten I have chosen for this award, in no particular order, are below. Please visit these blogs to see their Cricut awesomeness!

2. Dina @ Crazy For Cricut
3. Beejay @ Sleepy Cat Crafts
4. Melanie @ In Love With A Bug
5. ScrappinC 
6. Shelly @ My Paper Love 
7. The Crafting Misfit 
8. Nati @ Nati's Little Scrap Blog
 9. Magaly @ MagalyCreates 
10. Cindy @ CardCrazeeMe53


Nati Tristan said...

Thank you so much Lisa!!! Thank you so very much! I will update my blog as soon as I can! Thank you for thinking of me!

Sherrie K. said...

Thanks Lisa for this award. I am happy to receive it :)
Sherrie K

Melanie - The Paper Retreat said...

Thanks Lisa!!! I am honored that you chose my blog for this award. So very thoughtful of you!

Cindy said...

ZOWIE!! I'm speechless! This is so wonderful of you Lisa! I am just getting my blog off the ground and this really means a lot to me! Thanks so much for this super honor!
Cindy at http://cardcrazeeme53.blogspot.com/

beejay said...

Lisa I am so glad you got this award, you deserve it!! Thanks so much, you are so sweet to share it with me and I appreciate it alot!

Dina said...

Thank you so much! I am so excited,this is my 2nd time getting this award!! WOW!! Thank you! Hugs! Dina

June Houck said...

Kudos to you and well-deserved :)

Susan said...

Whoo hoo Lisa, congrats! I too save every scrap and don't know why. Someday I will be on the show "Horders, crafting edition".....lol


Shelly said...

You are so awesome! Thank you so much! I'm posting it now!

Schell said...

Congratulations! Great award to have! I love my cricut too :0) Hugs!!!!


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